New Wonderland Trail Map Out


A little while ago I was excited to hear the news about the newest Mt. Rainier map that was being debuted by Green Trails. Green Trails is the king of hiking maps out here in Washington and Oregon, offering highly detailed topo maps that are overall accurate and most of all…show mileage! (nothing worse than […]

Winter Daydreaming: Planning A Wonderland Trip


~The meadow at Summerland~ Is it the economy? The hard winter for most of us? Who knows, but I can say I have seen a lot of chattering about hiking plans for this coming summer, more than usual, especially about the Wonderland Trail here in Washington – our gorgeous 93 miles loop around (well more […]

Wandering On The Wonderland


The weather outlook was not great for today (or for Sunday either!) but after looking at the big report for Rainier it didn’t sound awful. Cloudy with chance of showers and cold temps. Better than 90% chance o’ rain, right?Last day of Spring, it really seemed right. Considering we just ended a near full 30 […]