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Outdoor books have long been something that we collect – be it old guidebooks with forgotten trails to volumes on gear to using a compass and then our collection of outdoor cookbooks that we have collected over the years. From best sellers of today to vintage finds that only a few remember, we have acquired copies of them.

Things we have noticed over the years of collecting is that in the 1970’s and 80’s there was a wave of books, many published by small houses (or more likely self published with a printing house name). In the 90’s and early 2000’s the amount of books tapered off to only a few. Baby Boomers were getting out a lot less. The curve was only big companies printing books, it became hard to get into the big bookstores for the little people. But in recent years with Amazon it has swung back to where anyone with computer skills has a chance to have the world see their work. And for that…we say bravo!

Outdoor Cookbooks In Our Collection:

apptrailfoodplanner The Appalachian Trail Food Planner: Recipes and Menus for a 2,000-Mile Hike By Lou Adsmond. 2009 edition.

The Appalachian Trail Food Planner By Lou Adsmond. 2002 edition. Same as above book.

bc Backcountry Cooking By J. Wayne Fear. 1981 edition.

BCbook Backcountry Cooking: From Pack to Plate in 10 Minutes (Backpacker Field Guides) By Dorcas Miller. 2008 edition.

Morebcbook More Backcountry Cooking: Moveable Feasts by the Experts (Backpacker Magazine) By Dorcas Miller. 2007 edition.

NOLSbook NOLS Backcountry Cooking: Creative Menu Planning for Short Trips Edited by Claudia Pearson and Joanne Kuntz. 2008 edition. Reviewed by us.

Backcountry Cooking: Feasts for Hikers, Hoofers, and Floaters By Sierra Adare. 1996 edition. Also in new 2011 edition: Backcountry Cooking: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Cooking (The Ultimate Guides).

The Back-Country Kitchen: Camp Cooking for Canoeists, Hikers, and Anglers By Teresa Marrone. 1996 edition.

NOLS Backcountry Nutrition By Mary Howley Ryan. 2008 edition.

Backpack cookery By Ruth Dyar Mendenhall. 1974 edition.

Backpack cookery: Instructor manual By Jan Phillips. 1982 edition.

Backpack Gourmet: Good Hot Grub You Can Make at Home, Dehydrate, and Pack for Quick, Easy, and Healthy Eating on the Trail By Linda Frederick Yaffe. 2002 edition.

bpbudgetbook The Backpacker’s Budget Food Book: How to Select and Prepare Your Provisions From Supermarket Shelves By Fred Powledge.1977 edition.

bccookbook Backpacker’s Cookbook By Margaret Cross and Jean Fiske. 1974 edition.

The Backpacker’s Cookbook: A complete manual and handbook for cooking freeze-dried and wild foods on the trail and in the wilderness By Harvey Macklin, 1978 edition.

tbackcookbook The Backpacker’s Cookbook By Dave Coustick. 2004 edition.

backfoodbook The backpacker’s food book (A Fireside book) By Hasse Bunnelle and Backpacker Magazine. 1981 edition.

Backpacker’s Recipe Book: Inexpensive, Gourmet Cooking for the Backpacker By Steve Antell. 1980 edition.

bptrailcooking Backpack trail cooking By Thomas H. Griffin. 1977 edition.

Backpacking: A Hedonist’s Guide By Rich Greenspan and Hal Kahn. 1985 edition.

Billy Joe Tatum’s Wild Foods Field Guide and Cookbook By Billy Joe Tatum. 1976 edition.

Beyond Gorp: Favorite Foods From Outdoor Experts Yvonne Prater, Ruth Dyar Mendenhall and Kerry Smith. 2005 edition.

campcookcomp Camp Cook’s Companion : A Pocket Guide By Alan S. Kesselheim. 2002 edition.

Camp Cooking: A Backpacker’s Pocket Guide By Bill and Jo McMorris. 1988 edition.

Camp Cooking in the Wild: The Black Feather Guide to Eating Well in the Great Outdoors By Mark Scriver, 2012 edition.

Camp & Trails Cooking Techniques/a Treasury of Skills and Recipes for All Outdoor Chefs By Jim Capossela. 1994 edition.

Camper’s Guide to Outdoor Cooking: Tips, Techniques, and Delicious Eats By John G. Ragsdale. 1989 edition.

Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors By Robin Donovan. 2006 edition.

Camping By Ed and Kate Douglas. 2009 edition.

Camping Cuisine: The Ultimate Cookbook For the Avid Camper By Marie Royer.1994 edition.

Backpacker magazine’s Campsite Cooking: Cookware, Cuisine, and Cleaning Up By Molly Absolon. 2010 edition.

Campsite to Kitchen: Tastes and Traditions from America’s Great Outdoors Edited by Jim Casada. 1994 edition.

Complete book of outdoor cookery By Mel Marshall. 1983 edition.

Complete Light-pack Camping and Trail-food Cook Book (McGraw-Hill paperbacks) By Edwin Drew. 1977 edition.

completetrailfoodcookbook The Complete Trail Food Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Campers, Canoeists and Backpackers by three authors. 2010 edition.

Cook Wild: Year-Round Cooking on an Open Fire by Susanne Fischer-Rizzi. 2012.

The Nuts ‘N’ Bolts Guide to Cooking for Campers and Backpackers (Nuts ‘N’ Bolts – Menasha Ridge) By Victoria & Frank Logue/illustrated by Leigh Ellis. 1995 edition.

cookingitoutdoors Basic Illustrated Cooking in the Outdoors (Basic Essentials Series) By Cliff Jacobson. 2008 edition.

Basic Essentials Cooking in the Outdoors, 2nd (Basic Essentials Series) By Cliff Jacobson. 1999 edition. Same as book above.

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF COOKING OUTDOORS By Cliff Jacobson. 1995 edition. Same as above two books.

chefinbackpack Chef in Your Backpack: Gourmet Cooking in the Great Outdoors By Nicole Bassett. 2003 edition.

The Nols Cookery By NOLS Editors. 1991 edition.

NOLS NOLS Cookery Edited by Claudia Pearson. 2004 edition.

Nols Cookery: Field Edition (NOLS Library) Edited by Claudia Pearson. 2010 edition.

cookingforcnt Cooking for Camp and Trail (Sierra Club Totebook) By Hasse Bunnelle with Shirley Sarvis. 1972 edition.

oneburnerway Cooking the One Burner Way: Gourmet Cuisine for the Backcountry Chef By Melissa Gray and Buck Tilton. 1994 edition.

Cooking On A Stick: Campfire Recipes for Kids By Linda White. 1996 edition.

Cooking Wild in Kate’s Camp By Kate Fiduccia. 2002 edition.

dryit Dry It-You’ll Like It By Gen MacManiman. 1997 edition.

 Drying Food Nature’s Way. 1975 edition.

Eating Hearty in the Wilderness With Absolutely No Clean Up: A Backpacker’s Guide to Good Food and Leave No Trace Camping Bern Kreissman. 1993 edition.

Expedition Cookbook By Carolyn Gunn. 1988 edition.

The Field & Stream Wilderness Cooking Handbook: How to Prepare, Cook, and Serve Backcountry Meals By J. Wayne Fears. 2001 edition.

Food for Knapsackers, and Other Trail Travelers (Sierra Club Totebook) By Hasse Bunnelle. 1971 edition.

For campers only: Sewing & cooking (Fun time activities) By Cameron and Margaret Yerian. 1975 edition.

Freezer Bag Cooking: Trail Food Made Simple. By Sarah Svien. 2005 edition.

fbcbook Freezer Bag Cooking: Trail Food Made Simple By Sarah Svien Kirkconnell. 2007 edition.

goodfood Good Food for Camp and Trail: All-Natural Recipes for Delicious Meals Outdoors By Dorcas Miller. 1993 edition.

gorpglop Gorp, Glop and Glue Stew: Favorite Foods from 165 Outdoor Experts By Yvonne Prater and Ruth Dyar Mendenhall. 1988 edition, signed by authoress. Reviewed by us. Also see “Beyond Gorp” above.

Gourmet Camping: A Menu Cookbook and Travel Guide for Campers, Canoeists, Cyclists, and Skiers By Joan Wilcox Osborne.1988 edition.

Granite Gourmet: Trail-Tested Recipes for Backpacking Adventures Sierra Club Knowledge Cards Deck By Lori Pottinger.

The healthy trail food book By Dorcas Miller. 1976 edition.

hightrailcookery High Trail Cookery: All-Natural, Home-Dried, Palate-Pleasing Meals for the Backpacker By Linda Frederick Yaffe. 1997 edition.

Knack Hiking & Backpacking: A Complete Illustrated Guide (Knack: Make It easy) By Buck Tilton. 2009 edition.

hucklebook The Huckleberry Book By ‘Asta Bowen. 1988 edition.

hungryhikers Hungry Hiker’s Book of Good Cooking By Gretchen McHugh. 1982 edition.

Joy of Camping: The Complete Four Seasons, Five Senses Practical Guide to Enjoying the Great Outdoors (Without Destroying It) By Richard Langer. 1973 edition.

Kayak Cookery: A Handbook of Provisions and Recipes By Linda Daniel, 1986 edition.

lipsmack Lipsmacking Backpacking: how to cook on your travels and cook as you camp By Mark Pallis. 2007 edition.

lipsmack2 Lipsmackin’ Backpackin’: Lightweight Trail-tested Recipes for Backcountry Trips By Christine and Tim Conners. 2000 edition.

lipsmack3 Lipsmackin’ Vegetarian Backpackin’ By Christine and Tim Conners. 2004 edition.

moveablefeast Moveable Feasts- an outdoor enthusiast’s guide to what to eat and how to cook it (Cicerone Guide) By Amy-Jane Beer and Roy Halpin. 2008 edition.

Natural foods for the trail By Aubrey Wallace. 1977 edition.

On and Off the Road Cookbook By Carl Franz and Lorena Havens. 1982 edition.

oneburner The One-Burner Gourmet By Harriet Barker. 1981 edition. Reviewed by us.

The One Pan Gourmet: Fresh Food on the Trail By Don Jacobson. 2005 edition.

OPGCLCover The One Pan Gourmet Cooks Lite: A Low-Fat Guide to Outdoor Cooking By Donald Jacobson. 1996 edition.

The Outdoor Chef’s Bible By John Weiss. 1995 edition.

The Outdoor Cookbook By Jules Bond. 1976 edition.

Outdoor Cooking: From Backyard to Backpack By Louise DeWald. 1991 edition.

Pack to Nature Nutrition Made Easy in the Home or in the Woods By Frank Ford. 1974 edition. Frank was the founder of Arrowhead Mills.

Packrat Papers (Volume 2) Edited by Betty Mueller. 1977 edition.

The Portable Baker: Baking on Boat and Trail By Jean and Samuel Spangenberg. 1997 edition.

potatomttrailguide Potato Mountain: Trail Guide to Creative Cooking by Brent McClun. 2007 edition.

Roughing It Easy – A Unique Ideabook for Camping and Cooking By Dian Thomas. 1974 edition.

Roughing It Easy : A Unique Ideabook for Camping and Cooking By Dian Thomas. 1994 edition.

simplefoods Simple Foods for the Pack: More than 200 all-natural, trail-tested recipes (Sierra Club Outdoor Adventure Guide) By Claudia Axcell.

The Spicy Camp Cookbook By M. Timothy O’Keefe. 1997 edition.

smbp Supermarket Backpacker By Harriet Barker. 1977 edition. Reviewed by us.

Trail and Camp Cooking With the Chinese Wok Richard Beardsley. 1982 edition.

tcbook Trail Cooking By John Weiss. 1981 edition.

trailfood Trail Food: Drying and Cooking Food for Backpacking and Paddling By Alan S. Kesselheim. 1998 edition.

Trail Foods: Easy, Healthy and Delicious By Carolyn Gunn and editors of Backpacker Magazine. 1989 edition.

Trailside Gourmet Backpacker’s Selected Recipes Edited by Carol Munson. 1988 edition.

trailsidestc Trailside’s Trail Food Edited by John Viehman. 1993 edition.

trailsidebook The Trailside Cookbook: A Handbook for Hungry Campers and Hikers By Don and Pam Philpott. 2005 edition.

Trailside cooking By Russ Mohney. 1976 edition.

The Trekking Chef: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors Claudine Martin. 1989 edition. Redone as The Wilderness Chef: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors in 2003.

The Upscale Outdoor Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Campers, Backpackers and Short Order Cooks By Cari Taylor-Carlson. 1992 edition.

wellfedbp The Well-Fed Backpacker By June Fleming. 1985 edition.

wildcb_ The Wilderness Cookbook: A Guide to Good Food on the Trail By Bonnie McTaggart, Jill Bryant and Chum Mcleod. 1999 edition.

Wilderness cookery: Complete outdoor meals By Bradford Angier. 1963 edition.

wildernesscuisinebook Wilderness Cuisine: How to Prepare and Enjoy Find Food on the Trail and in Camp (Cookbooks and Restaurant Guides) By Carole Latimer. 1991 edition.

Wilderness Ranger Cookbook By Valerie Brunell. 1990 edition.

Wildflowers of the Olympics and Cascades By Charles Stewart. Visit Nature Education for more info on the author. Covers edible plants and berries in the PNW. 1994 edition.

Woodall’s Campsite Cookbook 2000 edition.

The VERY Long List of Hard-To-Find Books We Don’t Have Yet:

Backcountry Cooking Deck: 50 Recipes for Camp and Trail. Dorcas Miller. 2008

Backpacker’s Cookbook. Rita van Dyk. 1992.

Backpacking and Camping Cookbook. by Rob Hunter. 1981

Backpacking Food From the Grocery Store. by Alice McKay. 1981

Backpacking Foods. by Rose A. Millette and Ginny Soberg. 1970

Backpacking Menus. by Terry M. Mandeville. 1980

Brown bagging it: A guide to fresh food cooking in the wilderness. By Jean Naigy. 1976

Camper Cookery By Richard Bock. 1977

Complete Guide to Trail Food Use. by William W. Forgey. 1977

Cooking Backyard to Backcountry. John Rittel & Lori Rittel. 2008. Earlier version w/ different name.

The Essential Backpacker’s Wild Food Cookbook. Johnny Jambalaya. 2004

Food and cooking on the Long Trail. Walter Collins O’Kane. 1933

Food for Backpacking and Camping. by Charlotte Dunn. 1978

Gourmet grub: A guide to camp cookery By Betty Owens. 1974

The Great Outdoor Cookbook: Trail-Tested Recipes from Leading Backcountry Adventures. 1997

The Hiker’s Guide to Preparing Home-Cooked Meals on the Trail. Steven A. Mroz. 2004

Natural Recipes for Backpackers who can’t stand the taste of MSG By Heidi Schneiderman

Outdoor Epicure–An R.E.I Cookbook. 1979

The Outward Bound Wilderness Cooking Handbook. J. Wayne Fears

Pacific Northwest Trail Cookbook. John Wolcott, Roberta Wolcott, 1991

The Practical Camp Cook. Fred Bouwman. 1998 & 2004

Pioneer Wilderness Food, by Edward Doan, 1978

The Spur Backpacking and Camping Cook Book, by Rob Hunter, 1978

Trail-Cooking Recipes from Marlboro Country, 1974

Trail Gourmet, Mensha Ridge Press ISBN-10: 0897325788

Trailside Cooking By Sherri Eldridge, 2000

Travel Light, Eat Heavy: Along the Appalachian Trail and Other Mystical Routes. Bill McCartney, 2005

The Wilderness Chef: The Art and Craft of Lightweight Cooking. John Weber, 2001

The Wilderness Chef: The Art and Craft of One-Pan Lightweight Trail Cooking. John Weber, 2002

Wilderness Cooking: A Unique Illustrated Cookbook and Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts. Berndt Berglund, 1973