Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT)

The Pacific Northwest Trail.

SamH’s 2007 thruhike of the PNT.

Chris’s 2008 thruhike of the PNT.

“The 1200 mile Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT), running from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean, ranks among the most scenic trails in the world. This carefully chosen path is high for the views and long on adventure. It includes the Rocky Mountains, Selkirk Mountains, Pasayten Wilderness, North Cascades, Olympic Mountains, and Wilderness Coast. The trail crosses 3 National Parks and 7 National Forests.”

The first time I had heard of this trail was a number of years ago, when I lived on Whidbey Island here in Washington State. I was getting back into hiking, and came across a reference to it, as the trail crosses part of the Island on it’s final race to the Olympic Peninsula and to the Pacific Ocean.

Over a couple years I have walked a number of sections of the PNT, some in Whatcom County, up near Bellingham, Wa, on Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands and some up north in the Cascades. The sections on the Islands are very pretty and accessible year round. The section on Fidalgo Island runs thru the ACFL (Anacortes Community Forest Lands).

A turning point was when I bought the trail guide one summer at the Forest Service ranger station in Glacier, Wa. It opened my eyes to a trail that seemed to be wild and rolling on forever.

The Pacific Northwest Trail Guide: The Official Guidebook for Long Distance & Day Hikers

And while I don’t know if I will ever see the whole trail, I have in that time walked on the Continental Divide, walked in Montana and Idaho and yes, wondered even more where the twists of the trail would take me.

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