A Fall Day At Paradise

October 14th, 2007:

I spent the day hiking with my friends Hoosierdaddy and his wife Carol up at Rainier. As I was driving home from the trail yesterday I had gotten a message asking if I wanted to go up to Paradise in the morning as our hiking companion from this summers Oregon PCT adventure, Susan, was in town for the weekend.

Hey, an excuse to go to Rainier? By all means! We met up early and were on the road through thick fog. As we drove higher we broke through to bright sun and blue skies. It wasn’t even chilly at 5500 ft. A treat of day for mid-October!

Mt. Rainier from a few feet up the trail:

Hoosierdaddy and Susan wanted to go do the grand loop of Skyline, but Carol and I decided to do something easier but just as scenic…we played tourist hiker. Always fun 😉 We hiked all over, seeing what caught our eyes. The colors were flaming orange, red and yellow.

Looking up into the start of Edith Basin:

Looking back at the Tatoosh Ridge:
We continued on our hikes and looked down into this meadow:


After we all met back up we headed down into Paradise Valley:

We headed over to Reflection Lakes:

Saw this survey marker that I didn’t notice in 2004 when we did the Wonderland:

We watched as Rainier slowly developed a lenticular cloud and slowly drove down the mountain. As we headed back towards home we could see the lenticular develop into a massive one, a near triple version.

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