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Websites on The Wonderland Trail:

The elevation profile
: Yes, this can cause crying…

Mt. Rainier NP: A quick bio of The Wonderland Trail.

Mt. Rainier NP: An in depth bio of The Wonderland Trail.

Mt. Rainier NP: The permit process.

Mt. Rainier NP: How to do food caches.

Eyehike: My good friend Drew’s website, he has thru-hiked the WT many times and has a wide range of information about it.

A personal site from a 2006 trip.


The News Tribune: Quick article on the trail.

Books & Maps:

Discovering the Wonders of the Wonderland Trail: Encircling Mount Rainier

Mt Rainier National Park Hiking Map and Guide

Trails Illustrated Mount Rainier National Park Trails Map: This is a highly durable waterproof topo map that shows the whole Wonderland Trail.

Green Trail Maps: The can be found in every REI and NP/FS station in Washington State. You will need #269 & #270. Map #270S is a blowup of the Paradise area, not needed unless you are heading off the Wonderland Trail.

Free Maps: While not what you want for trail use, these are good for planning.


The Wonderland Project

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