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Sharing information:
The Internet has made it easy to share a wealth of information. A core reason why we have done the website and blog is to share what we have learned with others. We require that if you share what you have read here, that you give us credit for it.  The content of the website, blog and books are copyrighted.
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Nutritional Information:
All information on the website and in our books is our personal writing. We are not nutritionists nor are we professional chefs. In the past we have been asked about whether we would provide nutrition counts on recipes. For now we are not doing it  as the software is not reliable in providing correct amounts. There are a number of free resources to determine calorie counts online if one wants to try it. Periodically when the stats are easy to run we do add them to a recipe – if Sarah has the time to add it.
On subjects such as low sodium diets and food allergies, we are presenting what has worked for us personally. As always, if you have dietary and health concerns, talk to your doctor first.

While no one we know has had any bad occurrences on the trail using freezer bags (ie. leakers, blowouts, etc) there is a small chance of it occurring.  So make sure you pay attention, set the freezer bag in front of you as you pour the water, be careful when pouring the boiling water and don’t do it in your lap.
Use common sense in cooking in the outdoors, just like you would at home. All sports run injury risks, and cooking has a multitude of chances of hurting yourself (hot stoves, water, knives, etc).
We as authors, do not take any responsibility for the use of any materials or methods described on this website, or in our books, nor of any products mentioned in them.

Your Privacy & Financial Information:
We believe firmly in privacy. If you contact us, through this website, we will only use your email address for contacting you back. We ourselves will not share nor sell your email address, mailing address or phone numbers.

For more information on our store’s policies, see here.

When you purchase items from our website, we do not see your financial information. All orders are processed through, and they handle the credit cards and billing. For Paypal’s Privacy Policy, see Paypals link here.

About gear reviews & links on our blog and website:
When we write about products and gear in the blog, website and books these are our personal views on the items. If you notice a pattern in reviews, and see a company’s name pop up often, this is a company we love. These are our personal views.

We post links to help our readers find hard-to-get products and to see clearly what we are talking about when discussing gear/food/etc.

On Reviews Of Products and Food:

We do receive items from manufacturers and public relation firms to review. We try to keep an honest opinion about the items. If the item is so bad we cannot test sample it or it is unsafe we decline not review it publicly and/or simply turn down the chance to review it in the first place. We enjoy getting the chance to review books, food items and other things, it is enjoyable part of blogging after all.

Links on Nav bar of the blog:

The links to outdoor food companies on our navigation bar on the blog are websites with superior service and hard to find products. We do not take ad payments for listing them, though some have affiliate programs where if you purchase from them we receive a percentage of the sale. This helps cover the cost of running the websites and server fees.


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